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Glass Mapper

Categories: ORM
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Glass Sitecore Mapper is an object mapping framework for mapping Sitecore items directly onto an object model, this allows you to model your entire Sitecore solution in code. The framework handles reading and writing to fields, creating relationships (parent, child, etc) and much more.
The second aim of the project is to make your Sitecore code unit testable by letting you deal with simple .NET classes and having interfaces that allow you to interact with Sitecore. With Glass Sitecore Mapper you can spend your time focused on solving the business problem and not writing repetitive boiler plate code.


Categories: Versions
Authors: Kam Figy
Description: An automatic image optimizer for the Sitecore media library. Reduce the size of your images served from Sitecore by 8-70%, completely automatically.

Sitecore Instance Manager

Categories: Installation
Authors: Alen Pelin
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: SIM 1.5 is an open source tool for managing the local park of Sitecore instances. You can install, locate, maintain, reinstall or delete Sitecore products. It has API and plugin engine so you can extend it for any your need.

Sitecore Data Importer

Categories: Data manipulaion
Authors: Mark Stiles
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Used to import Database data and Sitecore content into Sitecore. There are three built in data provider types: Sitecore Importer, SQL importer, MySQL Importer and CSV Importer.

The Data Importer consists of "Import Maps" which you build using the content tree to define where the data is pulled from and how to map existing field values to new Item fields. There is also an editor tab on the Import Map item itself that allows you to run the import maps and gives you messaging about errors or if it was successfully imported.


Categories: ORM
Authors: Ben Lipson
Description: Synthesis is an object mapping framework for Sitecore that enables developing more reliable and maintainable sites in less time than traditional Sitecore development. It is a strongly typed template object generator that is easily understandable for developers with either a Sitecore or traditional .NET background. It neatly integrates with Sitecore MVC (via the Synthesis.Mvc package) as a View rendering model provider and IoC dependency for controller renderings.


Categories: Automation
Authors: Alistair Deneys
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Revolver is a scripting module for Sitecore. It is designed to make developer's and administrator's lives easier and was developed using the experience collected by developing in Sitecore every day. There are 4 major principals which guide the development of Revolver. These are:

To provide fast access to the content tree
To allow scripting of common actions
To fill in gaps of the current UI
To provide a platform for custom tool development


Categories: Data manipulaion
Description: An ultimate tool for comparing & merging Sitecore databases.


Categories: Productivity
Description: On average, TDS Classic saves teams 8-10% of their time in deployments. It allows you to leverage a continuous integration or automated deployment strategy, which can significantly enhance team productivity.

PowerShell Extensions

Categories: Productivity - Automation
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: The Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) module is a Sitecore development accelerator which can drastically increase your productivity and curtail the amount of time it takes to deliver a Sitecore solution.

The module provides a command line (CLI) and scripting environment (ISE) for automating tasks. SPE works with the Sitecore process, capable of making native calls to the Sitecore API and manipulating files. Running commands and writing scripts follow the standard and well-known Windows PowerShell syntax. Windows PowerShell is a common tool used in IT for desktop and server management, so we decided to stick with that as a framework to build upon.

Agnostic IOC

Categories: IOC
Authors: Natt Mann
Description: A small utility library to allow the abstraction of the IoC container from the main code body. Perfect for redistributable APIs

Please download and look at the unit tests for use (further documentation to follow)

Dynamic Sites Manager

Categories: Multisite
Authors: Pete Navarra
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: With the Dynamic Sites Manager, you can chose custom templates to house your website configuration and spin up new sites based off of that.

Completely flexible and configurable within the Sitecore Content Editor. No need to add multiple SiteDefinition.config files. No need to have developers add config files that reset your site.

Now with Dynamic Sites Manager, you can on-the-fly create multiple sites, brochure sites, and microsites, utilizing your own site templates.

Easy Lingo

Categories: Languages
Authors: Gert Gullentops
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: This language expansion module was designed to simplify content editing when using a large amount of languages in your Sitecore environments.

When you have multiple sites with different language sets (e.g. a Belgian site in Dutch/French, a Swiss site in fr/de/it and a Danish site in dk/en) or simply a large volume of available languages, managing these languages in Sitecore can become cumbersome.

Sitecore has no out of the box functionality that restricts or manages the languages used per node/site and only offers the languages list to navigate through the available languages. The language list presented by Sitecore comprises of both those with one or more versions as well as those that have no version available or are irrelevant for that context/site.

Sitecore Sidekick

Categories: Front-end
Authors: Jeff Darchuk
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Sidekick is a platform in which to serve angularjs apps with a micro-service back-end from within Sitecore. This makes it a flexible and extensible platform to provide highly reactive and responsive single page applications for Sitecore. Some features include:

Resources are delivered from an embedded location in the dll. This makes it so that the installation footprint is extremely small since it ends up simply being a dll and a config file.
Applications may be hidden or shown to specific roles, users, or admin only.
Each application’s stylesheets and javascript are dynamically compiled into a single document to reduce http requests.
The sidekick is available in three contexts, Content Editor, Experience Editor, and Desktop.
Each application is driven from an individual binary as well as an individual configuration file, so individual apps can easilly be removed if they are not desired by removeing the binary and config for the app that’s not desired.

Sitecore Sweep

Categories: Rich text
Authors: Alex Washtell
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: A simple extensible module for Sitecore for the automatic cleaning of HTML in Items. Sometimes you want tighter control over the HTML that is produced in Rich-Text fields by your content editors. Sweep simply tidies up the HTML upon saving, following a customizable pipeline that processes the HTML.


Categories: Media - Maintenance
Authors: Rob Habraken
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Shrink is a Sitecore utility module that gives you insight in the usage of your media library. Pretty much like a disk usage statistics viewer for your hard drives. But next to that, it also shows you which items are actually being used and published, so you can easily find media items that unnecessarily take up space in your database. And last but not least, it offers you multiple ways of cleaning up your media library!The module is installed as a regular Sitecore package. It is build using SPEAK and the Shrink application can be accessed via the launchpad in the Tools column. The first time you start it, it will automatically start scanning your database. Depending on the size of your database, this can take up to several hours. Meanwhile, a processing message is being shown.


Categories: Blogging
Authors: Zac Malmquist
Description: A blogging module for Sitecore. Features:

Easy install new instances for quick out of box use.
Imports current blog information from WordPress
Customization at a settings level for simple adjustments.
Simple straight forward user controls and views for more in depth customization.
Support for both Web Forms and MVC.
A structure that support multiple instances in one Sitecore environment.
Simple CSS with configurable identifier to allow you to customize to your site’s css.
Opengraph implementation.

Enhanced Email Action

Categories: Emailing - Workflows
Authors: Dan Cruickshank
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: This Enhanced Email Action adds slightly more useful tokens to the common Sitecore 'Email Action'. It also provides an easy template for adding your own tokens without getting into NVelocity.

Sitecore's default Mail Action includes the following tokens:

The Enhanced Email Action introduces the following tokens:


Image Lazy Load

Categories: Media
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: This module will make all your images rendered from Sitecore Image and Rich Text fields, lazy loaded automatically without you having to make ANY html updates at all.
The bLazy.js plugin – A lazyload image script can be used to enable lazyload on your site, to reduce initial page load times drastically, especially if your site is image heavy.

Quartz Scheduler

Categories: Jobs and schedulers
Authors: Badal Kotecha
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Built on - industry proven enterprise job scheduler
Manage and Define Jobs and when those jobs will trigger (according to server clock time and not app pool recycle sliding time)
Define triggers based on duration every few hours, minutes or seconds
Define triggers to fire daily
Define triggers that fire only certain days of the week
Define triggers that fire monthly once on any given day
If none-of the above suits your need - Define custom triggers based on cron expression guidelines of
Job Performance Dashboard showing
Job Performance Average and Maximum time it has taken
Individual Job Performance - from last app pool recycle
Current Execution Status and next fire times for each job trigger defined
Execute a job on-demand (instead of waiting for schedule to trigger)
Download job performance data as a Json file (in the event you are recycling the app pool and want to retain this data before you do so)
Out of the box jobs for
Cleanup Publish Queue
Cleanup Event Queue
Cleanup History
You can create your own jobs and create definition items in Sitecore through Sitecore SPEAK app

Language and Version Manager

Categories: Languages
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: This module will help to Add Version and Copy Content on “n” number of items with few clicks.
This module provides two basic functionalities as follows -
Add Version – Add specific language version on “n” number of items by single click.
Copy Content – Copy content from one language version to another language version on multiple items.

Mongo Shell

Categories: xDB
Authors: Kiran Patil
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Shell to MongoDb right out your Sitecore.

Package History

Categories: Installation - Maintenance
Authors: Kiran Patil
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: List of all Installed Packages
Answers following questions:
Who created package?
Who Installed it?
When it got installed?
You can do search, pagination, and sorting!


Categories: Jobs and schedulers
Authors: Akshay Sura
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: SiteCron module provides an advanced way to run Cron based scheduling jobs using Sitecore and Quartz Scheduler. It uses the CronTrigger functionality to help you schedule simple to complex jobs.

Redirect Module

Categories: SEO
Authors: Chris Adams
Description: An improved version of the Sitecore 301 redirect module - proven and tested.

Version Pruner

Categories: Versions
Authors: Scott Freeman
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: The version pruner comes in handy for those Sitecore items that are frequently edited and have built up a large number of versions. If you force a new version when editing (lock and edit), you will soon find yourself in need of this module.

User Csv Import

Categories: Data manipulaion
Authors: Chris Sulham
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: The module operates off of items created in Sitecore to represent the import csv sheets. These items contain fields that let you configure how the user will be created based on the data in the sheet, as well as define a role and domain to assign the user to. The module is capable of downloading these csv sheets from an external FTP site and updating the users if the sheet is newer than the last time it was processed. The agent (disabled by default) will iterate over the items in the module’s folder to download the sheet and update the users if the sheet is newer each time it runs. Imports can also be initiated manually using a custom ribbon button on the sheet import items from within Sitecore.

Sitecore Developer Toolbox

Categories: Productivity
Authors: Toby Gutierrez
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Have you ever tried to remember what the URL is to the Show Config or the Cache page in your Sitecore instance when using the Administration Tools?

Did you know that there is a Database Browser that the old-schoolers use to Brute Force work they need to get done with Sitecore OR an XPath building tool you can lean on to help you with Sitecore queries?

Token Manager

Categories: Rich text
Authors: Jeff Darchuk
Description: A token is a small chunk of text that is dynamically replaced with something else when the rich text field is rendered. The most basic of uses is to use tokens to store common information that will change at the same time on every page, such as a customer service phone number, or address. However I’ve devised several more use cases that the TokenManager will be able to accomplish

Xml-based Sitecore security updater

Categories: Security
Authors: Dave Leigh
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: This module is a simple alternative in which you define your security in Xml. The module will then use the Xml to set your security. With this Xml you can easily update security on different environments (and maintain consistency between environments), you are automatically keeping a log of all your security updates and its much quicker than clicking about in the security editor. Also Copy security from role to role easily. You can also keep your security in source control.

UnlLock Item Versions

Categories: Languages - Versions
Authors: Ashish Bansal
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Are you working with multi-lingual solution? And having multiple language version for the Sitecore Item which you want to unlock, what is the solution? Yes, you have to go one by one in each language version and unlock specific item version. Why we can’t unlock all the language versions of the Item by One Click?
This module serves this out!

Sitecore SubItem Count

Categories: Productivity
Authors: Nilesh Thakkar
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Adds "SubItem Count" functionality which will show "Child Count" of content tree items in gutter as shown in below figure, as well as total number of descendants.

Straight to datasource chrome plugin

Categories: Productivity
Authors: Dave Leigh
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Chrome plugin that adds a hyperlink next to various link fields (works on Droplinks, Treelists and Multilists.) in the content editor which when clicked will jump you straight to the linked item referenced within the field.

Job Sync Module

Authors: Hishaam Namooya
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: A tool which you configure the different servers that you have in the configuration file and then from the UI, see which servers are in sync

Item browser

Authors: Santosh Poojari
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: This module is about browsing and viewing sitecore item technical definition such as template, layout, device, presentation and fields definition for given sitecore item in content tree. This is very useful tool to extract content for technical document for any project. It gives all details of given item its template, base template, renderings, datasource and all. So all we need to do is to browse and extra the definition for our technical documentation.


Authors: Nilesh Thakkar
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Track Your Sitecore Website Information At One Place. In your day to day work you may have felt sometimes that - it would be really helpful if you can get few frequently required Sitecore information at one place.

The Sitecore information such as:
Total number of Sites in your Sitecore instance
Total number of Sublayouts in your Sitecore instance along with referrer pages and caching parameters
Total number of Templates in your Sitecore instance along with referrer pages
Total number of Content Items in your Sitecore instance
Total number of Media Items in your Sitecore instance
Total number of Users in your Sitecore instance

Add To Calendar

Authors: Nilesh Thakkar
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Provides a feature for your website from where user should be able to download calendar event (e.g. .ICS) file and save it as reminder. Such calendar event is required typically on news or event section of your website.


Categories: Maintenance - Versions
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: The first feature of the Module is to a new Button in the Review Tab of the Content Editor Ribbon. The button looks at the Item in context and loops through its Child Items to determine if any are locked and can be unlocked by the User in Context at that point in time. If that is the case the button is enabled.
From unlocking Child Items it make sense give the option to unlock the Item in Context. However after unlocking the Context Item it runs the uiUnlockItemsChildren pipeline to determine if any suitable Child Items are unlockable and if there are to prompt the user to ask if they should also be unlocked.
Finally for ease of use the Module includes a new Gutter Item – Unlockable Items. As the name suggests if an Item can be unlocked by the User in Context they will see the Key icon in the Gutter.
Clicking the Icon triggers the same pipeline as the Unlock Item ribbon button; unlocking the Item in context, checking for unlockable children and prompting the User to unlock child items if there are any that can be unlocked.

Icon Selector Field

Categories: Media
Authors: Wesley Lomax
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Module allows content editors to select CSS font icons via a custom field that include a SPEAK UI Dialog for searching and selecting icons.

Interactive Publish

Categories: Publishing
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Adds a table in the publishing status screen to show the current publishing job going on as well as other publishing related jobs and when would our queued job be taken up.
It would be good to have the current publishing job highlighted so that the user gets understands the status of his/her publishing job. Again, a situation, where business users are so busy working on Sitecore that they don’t want to wait for the Publish Dialog to show them the finished publishing message.

Markdown for Sitecore

Categories: Rich text
Authors: Dan Cruickshank
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: provides user with an elegant, expressive, lightning-fast alternative for content creation.

Built specifically for writing on the web
Fastest way to author content
Simpler than rich-text
More expressive that plain text
Remove HTML from authoring experience (but still get HTML output)
Mix Markdown & HTML for advanced authors

Spatial Geo Location Search

Categories: Search
Authors: Ahmed Okour
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Helps to implement a search based on zip code, latitude, longitude, and a radius

Export Item Data Tool

Categories: Data manipulaion
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: A module to export data from our Sitecore instance into common formats like excel / xml / json etc.

Advanced Content Security

Categories: Security
Authors: Natt Mann
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: The advanced content security module is a simple open source module designed primarily to handle the ‘restriction’ of Sitecore content. Restriction is a state in between the user being able to read the item (in the Sitecore security sense) and the user not being able to read. This typically manifests itself as a paywall with a call to action instructing the user to sign up or register with your site, but I have already heard of other use cases.

The current features of the module are:

Addition of a ‘Restricted’ permission in the Sitecore Security Editor
Addition of a ‘Rules’ permission in the Sitecore Security Editor
Rules based restriction security
Rules based read security
Addition of a ‘Where the current user is restricted’ rule for use with Conditional Renderings
Automatic switching of content item device to a ‘Restricted’ device, to allow entire page presentation change.
Automatic fallback of ‘Restricted’ device back to ‘Default’ if no layout present.
Rules based user initialisation.

Advanced System Reporter

Authors: Raul Jimenez
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Provides you with a great deal of insight into the day to day operations of your site. Unlike other Modules, Advanced System Reporter has no need for post installation steps or other configuration changes, so getting this running is extremely fast and easy to accomplish. There are many other out-of-the-box reports that you will find useful in your day-to-day operations with Sitecore. Some of the most common ones by teams are:

Broken Links – This report is an excellent maintenance tool for finding links that are broken in your application, and is especially useful for maintenance and SEO practices.
Item History – This will show you who has modified an item in the event that you need to audit your content.
Recently Modified – This report will summarize what has been modified in your application within a certain set timeframe -- excellent for reviewing changes in a content update practice.
Not Recently Modified – Similar to above, you can select an area of content and see what has not been updated --- useful if you are in the middle of updating site content and want to ensure nothing is missed.


Authors: Kam Figy
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: Unicorn is a utility for Sitecore that solves the issue of moving templates, renderings, and other database items between Sitecore instances. This becomes problematic when developers have their own local instances - packages are error-prone and tend to be forgotten on the way to production. Unicorn solves this issue by writing serialized copies of Sitecore items to disk along with the code - this way, a copy of the necessary database items for a given codebase accompanies it in source control.

Analytics Database Manager

Categories: xDB
Authors: Artem Fursenko
Marketplace: Marketplace
Description: The analytics database manager (ADM) module provides a set of tasks that might be helpful to optimize the using of Sitecore Analytics.