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Community Award for the most productive authors

Sitecore Link is happy to introduce a Community Award to the most productive and creative authors. This award is driven by the figures from Sitecore Link project, as it currently covers the vast majority of technical commitment produced by authors for the past year.

We can see that the community has been unbelievably productive during 2016, like never before, ending up with around 4,000 blog posts, articles, videos, StackOverflow and StackExchange questions.

You may find the exact figures by this link. Please note: the jury does not take these figures as the solo criteria for consideration. Instead, the jury classifies the overall quality of these commitments in order to come up the actual value of the commitment.

So, first of all, why is this a community award?

  • the award is given for community efforts and to community members.
  • people who help me to identify the winners are reputable community members.
  • Sitecore Link project has proven far beyond its initial concept and will itself be passed under community governance, upon completion of the re-design & re-build phase.

Community Award for the most productive authors

We are happy to announce the winners

  • "The most productive Sitecore BLOG AUTHOR 2016" nomination awards the most outstanding author for creating the best blog posts from both quality and quantity aspects.

    Winner: Ryan Bailey

    Ryan has created 94 good-quality blog posts during 2016 (in reality more but I count only Sitecore-related posts). An absolutely outstanding result - three times more than his proximate follower!

    Initialy he started a blog for remembering things, but now it helps the community with error fixes, tutorials, articles and code samples.

  • "The most productive Sitecore VIDEO AUTHOR 2016" goes to an individual or organization for their efforts of creating Sitecore related technical tutorials on YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting platforms.

    Winner: Vasiliy Fomichev

    Vasiliy is authoring Friday Sitecore Best Practices series on his YouTube channel. Almost every Friday of 2016 there was a new best practice revealed and explained, resulted with 45 best practices in total! He is always on the crest of the wave of the technology, creating Sitecore modules, organizing and presenting at User Groups in LA and authoring a blog.

  • "The most discussed Sitecore 3rd party IMPLEMENTATION 2016" is a slightly different beast and is given to 3rd party implementation based on indirect activity - for how actively it is discussed by the Sitecore Community rather than its own content.

    Winner: Glass Mapper

    Glass Mapper was founded by Mike Edwards and developed with the help of Nat Mann.

    This award recognizes the immense effort and support that the Sitecore community as a whole has given to the project by sharing their knowledge, time and customizations.

Identifying the winners

While identifying the winners the following stats figures were used: Sitecore Link statistics for the annual award. However we took into considerations both quality of content and rather than just numbers.

I also would like to say thanks for the help and support to the jury team:


Would you have any thought / comments? If so, please feel free to send an email or tweet them to @SitecoreMartin.