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Adam Najmanowicz

About: Adam is a Software Developer, Application Architect and Project Manager with substantial experience in Microsoft .Net Framework, Delphi as well as a Java development and a wide range of RDBM systems (Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle, Informix).
Strongly focused on providing intuitive and user friendly solutions in both consumer and enterprises environments. Interested in Agile programming and test driven development.

Ahmed Okour

About: Sitecore solution architect

Akshay Sura

About: Lead Technical Manager with over 15 years of experience in Client Server, Internet/Intranet based solutions and Sitecore CMS.

Alex Washtell

About: .NET Developer with over 12 years experience working in, around, and on top of the Microsoft .NET stack. Has over 6 years experience working with Sitecore, and holds a Sitecore Technologist MVP award for 2017.
Specializes in C# ASP.NET architecture and development together with Sitecore CMS to deliver solid, reliable websites with bespoke and flexible Sitecore extensions for enabling efficient and powerful content creation.
Avid fan of HTML5 and front-end development to deliver the best possible experience, for users visiting sites as well as those maintaining them.
Contributor to the open-source Sitecore PowerShell Extensions project. Has also delivered Sitecore technical talks and demos Sitecore Technical User Group in London, see videos in the links below, as well as being a member of the Sitecore User Group committee.

Anindita Bhattacharya

About: A regular run of the mill software developer circa 2006 on, trying to keep up!
Have worked on Microsoft Technologies throughout her career and have been working on Sitecore CMS since 2013.

Artem Fursenko

About: Team Manager, Sitecore Cloud Operations

Chris Adams

Rob Habraken